Grade 2 Curriculum Outline for

Subject Core Topics Learning Outcomes Teaching Methods
English – Vocabulary expansion

– Simple sentence structure

– Reading comprehension

– Introduction to writing

– Enhance vocabulary

– Construct simple sentences

– Understand short stories

– Begin writing short paragraphs

– Interactive reading sessions

– Writing workshops

– Language games

Mathematics – Addition and subtraction up to 100

– Introduction to multiplication

– Basic geometry (shapes and sizes)

– Measurement (length, weight)

– Perform basic arithmetic

– Understand simple multiplication concepts

– Identify and describe shapes

– Measure using standard units

– Practical exercises

– Use of visual aids and manipulatives

– Group activities

Science – Plants and animals

– Human body basics

– Weather and seasons

– Simple physical and chemical changes

– Identify common plants and animals

– Understand basic body functions

– Describe different weather conditions

– Observe changes in materials

– Experiments and observations

– Field trips

– Interactive videos

Social Studies – My family and friends

– Our community

– Basic map skills

– Cultural studies

– Understand family and social structures

– Learn about community helpers

– Use simple maps

– Appreciate diverse cultures

– Role-playing

– Community visits

– Map drawing exercises

Art and Craft – Use of colors

– Basic craft projects

– Introduction to music and dance

– Local crafts

– Develop creativity

– Complete simple art projects

– Participate in musical and dance activities

– Explore Ugandan crafts

– Art creation sessions

– Musical and dance performances

– Craft making

Physical Education – Basic sports (football, netball)

– General physical fitness

– Teamwork and cooperation

– Improve physical health

– Learn basic sports skills

– Develop teamwork abilities

– Organized sports activities

– Regular fitness exercises

– Team-building games

Additional Components:

  • Language Support: Local language integration where possible to support dual-language learning.
  • Community Engagement: Projects and activities that involve family and community members.
  • Health Education: Basic hygiene practices and healthful living.

This curriculum is designed to be dynamic and interactive, with a strong emphasis on practical learning experiences that are culturally relevant and developmentally appropriate for Grade 2 students in Uganda. It aims to foster a love for learning, creativity, and a sense of community among young learners.